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Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in treating orthopedic injury or dysfunction. It is a system of layered intelligences used by Practitioners to help restore function to the musculoskeletal system: joints, tendons, ligaments, muscle, nerves, vessels, and bones.

If you have an existing orthopedic condition (i.e., a fracture, muscle strain, ligament strain, dislocation, tendonitis, bursitis) or underwent surgery, seeking the proper steps towards comprehensive rehabilitation of whole-person functionality is a must imperative to quality of life.
System perturbations prevent you from living life by your own rules and desires, enjoying your recreational activities with friends and family, and cripples your best effort at your competition and sport performance. Imbalances due to injury are hormonally regulated meaning there are emotional and psychological trauma components, such as depression, that stem from the biochemical immune response.

Movement Competence is the component of therapy encompassing (1) motor coordination intervention, (2) adaptation reinforcement, and (3) mechanical reload. These steps are crucial to joint and wound healing processes—and this is why orthotherapy is a viable preventative health option; one that should be exercised regularly in daily life. The osteopathic relative focus of orthotherapy is to rid the body of system perturbation slowing self-regulated healing and embrace the unity of anatomical structure and function. Uncover pain to release pain, intervene with permanent solutions proximal to re-injury, improve strength and enhance overall functional mobility and stability.

iamCREATUREscience can support you through all phases of healing, from an initial diagnosis through recovery. You will receive the movement competency inside the clinic and have resources at home to remember the reflexes of how to move the body correctly.

I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers exclusive availability of orthotherapy treatment and movement pathology services in San Diego, CA. Our approaches to restoration are personal and cultivates an intimate relationship with the mind to understand pain manifestation. Standing on the pillars of original observation and the application of evidence-based practices (EBP) of osteopathic principles, iamCREATUREscience has developed a global network that is still growing.

Osteopathic philosophies embrace non-invasive manual therapies that aim to intervene tensegrity crises across the whole body.

I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy’s practical approach to movement pathology promotes preventative and restorative secondary healthcare interventions. We stimulate the body’s self-regulating healing mechanisms and optimize the relationship between structure and function.

Reserve timing for orthotherapy discipline:

$ 100 x 3/week
  • Number of Sessions
  • 12, 9, & 6 session bundle
$ 100 x 2/week
  • Number of Sessions
  • 8, 6, & 4 session bundle
$ 100 x 1/week
  • Number of Sessions
  • 4, 3, & 2 session bundle
$ 100 Single Session
  • Number of Sessions
  • 1 session