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Movement Pathology & Orthotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in treating orthopedic injury or illness. It also helps restore the function of the musculoskeletal system, including joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

If you have an existing orthopedic condition (i.e., a fracture, muscle strain, ligament strain, dislocation, tendonitis, bursitis) or underwent surgery, seeking rehabilitation services is a must.

I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers orthopedic treatment and physical therapy services in San Diego. Our physiotherapy programs are designed to help our clients improve their mobility, movement, and balance, relieve their pain and manage age-related orthopedic problems (i.e., osteoporosis).

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Medical Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Some athletes play through the pain and keep their injuries hidden, thinking the injury was not serious enough to report. The truth is, there is no such thing as a small or big sports injury—only light and grave risks.

Ankle sprain, concussion, cuts and abrasions, groin strain, and many other strains and joint injuries require immediate treatment. Otherwise, they would cause athletic trauma, or worse, deter athletes from playing their sports.

Have you been playing your sports safely because of an injury? If so, seek medication right away. I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers sports massage in San Diego. We specialize in manipulation/mobilization/massage (MMM), a technique that treats soft tissue injury, controls inflammation, improves muscle length, and more.

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Corporate Wellness

Several studies have shown that positive work cultures make happy and productive employees. Since employee engagement is taking center stage in the business landscape, companies should hold fun and valuable workplace activities, like wellness programs.

By implementing an employee wellness plan, organizations cultivate healthy habits among their employees. It also helps them increase company-wide productivity, optimize human resource investment, and boost employee morale.

At I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy, we extend our services to clinical and corporate establishments. We offer corporate wellness programs and tailor them according to your employees’ nature of work.

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Training Programs

Gone are the days that visiting a fitness center is the only way to seek personal or sports performance training. Today, health and fitness buffs can get healthy on their own through online personal training.

You can now get trained by qualified fitness and sports performance trainers without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection, a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and most importantly—discipline.

So, if you are stuck at home and not sure how to lose weight or reach your sports performance goals, leave your worries in the hands of I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Our certified professionals conduct online coaching and sports performance training in San Diego.

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Health and wellness goals cannot be achieved alone by regular physical activity. Good nutrition and a balanced diet also play a pivotal role in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

It is true that “You are what you eat.” The food and beverage that you consume can either help or halt you from achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. For this reason, getting dietary advice is also necessary.

Here is the good news: you no longer need to haunt the best nutritionist in San Diego. I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy works with trustworthy nutritionists-dieticians who can equip you with the appropriate dietary guides.

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Movement Mastery Membership

Body and mind coherence is the gateway to a fulfilled life. Mastering the mind for your movement offers you four essential life benefits—look better, feel better, do better, and live better.
At I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy, we recognize bodily movements as a vital life element. We understand that your movement patterns can push you to your limits and rise above your challenges.

Our mastery programs contain weekly training videos about pain relief and movement, learning aids on specific joint and muscle groups, assessment tools, supplement conversion tables, tracking sheets, and podcast-style episodes on all your need-to-know topics