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Although mental durability is a skill, a high tolerance to pain can deafen one’s movement perception into crippling patterns of compensation. The athletic Ego may endure pain and ignore injuries. This reflects the will to survive. That does not justify disregarding injury. Injury is an imbalance: acute or chronic. Pain is sensory information, a command “to-do” … something different. A neuromuscular request for correction and return to balance. A body without feeling and access to pain or pleasure, is an emperor with no empathy; dangerous.
Sprain, strain, concussion, and every other structural imbalance requires intentional intervention to restoration. For athletics and life alike, dysfunctional movement patterns store reflexive memory. Without correction, the tissue trauma could result in a reduced quality of life and performance, or worse, the complete cessation of pain-free movement, sports, and or recreation.

Have you been withholding in activity and sports because of a lingering injury or pain? If so, therapeutic modalities embedded in medical massage, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive muscle growth stimulation massage, and sports massage can help restore sensory connection, afferently & efferently, between the brain and the muscle so that optimal tensile integrity, of which is the reflection of healthy joint mechanics, returns to the damage tissues. No more pain, only solution.

Medical massage techniques preventatively treats muscle tightening and facilitates circulatory function via oxygen delivery to working acidotic tissues. Life and sports injuries have been conventionally unavoidable; therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your muscles have ample access to oxygen rich blood.
I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers sports massage across San Diego. There are three distinguishing aspects of our manual therapy: manipulation, mobilization, and massage.
Mobilization is used to relieve joint stiffness and pain. This technique involves small, gentle, and rhythmic stretches that can help patients make normal, pain-free movements.

Manipulation is a form of therapy that adjusts joints with vector force. It offers several benefits, such as relieving pressure to sensitive nerves tissues, blood flow increased by vasodilation, range of motion restoration, and the release of endorphins.

Massage focuses on seeing the muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joint fossas with the hands. By mapping connective tissue, a specialized practitioner can literally feel perturbing tension almost as vividly as the patient and physically cue muscle relaxation, decrease nerve compression, facilitate range of motion, and promote circulation to an area or channel.

We have the best sports massage therapists in San Diego who are skilled in the above mentioned techniques. They will carefully perform these treatments, either separately or in conjunction with each other, relative to ailment appropriate intervention.

Reserve timing for hands on techniques (sports massage, medical massage, trigger point therapy, etc).

$ 50
  • Duration
  • 30 minutes
$ 100
  • Duration
  • 60 minutes