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Several studies have shown that positive work cultures make content and productive employees. Since employee engagement is taking center stage in the business landscape, companies should cultivate valuable workplace wellness programs more than ever before.
By implementing wellness initiatives for employees, organizations facilitate healthy habits among their team members. Promoting wellness cohesively increases company-wide productivity, optimizes human resource investment, and boosts employee morale.
I Am Creature Science Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Physical Therapy, extends our hand to clinical and corporate establishments. Employees are the most valuable assets that a company has. Their roles contribute to the business revenue, meaning prioritizing their physical health and psychological wellbeing is essential. We offer corporate wellness programs and tailor them according to your employees’ working landscape.
Performance gyms and Fitness Clubs, iamCREATUREscience delivers comparable care to what you would receive in the clinic for your athletes and members. Croatan will come to your local institution and deliver the therapeutic exercises, education, and techniques needed to address your pain and impairments.
Typically, our wellness program includes a structure of therapeutic education and care. You can expect an eye-opening experience of attentive care that is incomparable to our clinical care.
Select a corporate wellness tier that is appropriate for you. Call or email to confirm Corporate Wellness availability prior to purchase:

Tier 1

$ $400 Monthly
  • Duration
  • 4hours/week

Tier 2

$ $600 Monthly
  • Duration
  • 4hours/week

Tier 3

$ $1,000 Monthly
  • Duration
  • 8hours/week