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Eternally Rhetorical: How Do You Move?

It’s not like magic, it is magic.

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iamCREATUREscience Founder Philip A. Croatan (Crochen)

Philip A. Croatan (Crochen), MS(k) served as the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Troy University’s Soccer, Volleyball, and Men & Women’s Tennis (Sunbelt Conference Champions 2015) teams, of which he is also an alumnus of the Division I Sunbelt Conference Football team and Men’s Track and Field. Additionally, his philosophies and practices have served as resources in dietary protocol and orthopedic rehabilitation with premier physiotherapy clinics and performance facilities from Atlanta, GA to San Diego, CA.

In 2017, he was inducted as a Founding Athlete in Jea Jung’s Super League in Las Vegas, NV; coining the nickname “Wizard.” His research practicum spanning human movement, biomechanics, and metabolism has rendered top results in NFL combines, high school, collegiate, and professional sports by safely manipulating extracellular hydrogens and exploring supplementation interventions to prolong glycolytic function toward thermodynamic optimization.

Croatan has facilitated prospects in securing positions on professional rosters, guided musicians for media/video preparation, treated several acute and chronic spinal misalignments, and more. His seemingly magical results have truly earned him the title “Wizard” amongst select communities.

Research and Education

Philip received dual Masters Degrees in Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise and Sports Metabolic Conditioning from A.T. Still University in Kirksville, MO and Mesa, AZ (the founding school of Osteopathic Medicine). He received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology / Human Nutrition from Troy University in Troy, AL. He continued his post graduate research practicum at the University of San Diego in the biophysics department where he served as an officer in the Student Physics Society. Croatan is now an author and lecturer on topics of injury prevention and cellular adaption under dynamic environmental stressors. His work has appeared in university publications as well as digital mental wellness blogs and profiles. He possesses an extensive knowledge on the chemistry of nutrition, metabolism, and the physics of human movement, as well as has created programs fostering coordinated applications of adjacent biological disciplines in the most simple forms so that the masses may benefit from taking over their lives and evolving to their greatest physiological presentation.

Discover the CREATURE in You!

The architectural physiology of healthy human bodies should possess three definitive characteristics:

  • Adaptability – an infinite potential to bend and shape the mind to perspective; where conceptual manifestation (vision) occurs, as well as semi-voluntary control to rearrange the cells to meet or surpass the physical and functional demands of stress/change at both the micro-molecular and macromolecular levels overtime.
  •  Allure – Balanced anatomical tensegrity reflects superficial symmetry, or beauty, which is the reflection of internal health. Inherently, the aesthetic facilitates the effective transfer of ideas in perceptual psychology and communication. 
  • Relativity (atmospheric) – The force due to gravity (-9.81m/s/s), which is always acting on the body, provides a reference point for anatomical structure, functional design, and planar movement constraints. The thresholds therein are incentives (reasons) to physiologically adapt the human genome. Without stress incentive there is no adaptation, without adaptation there is no evolution, and we begin to cease existing as the most “fit” or “adapted” species to survive this planet.

Croatan’s approach to wellness is derived from optimal efficiency and biomechanical functionality of the human body and thus makes the CREATURE programs appropriate for all ages, genders, sizes, and goals. His philosophy stems in using the natural physiological processes of the unperturbed body as the biological and biomechanical reference points of intervention. “All movement originates from the spine” as he quotes and subsequently asserts that to be outside of alignment is to be outside of optimal functionality. His understanding is that alignment is symmetry, symmetry is health, and true health is beautiful; both internally and externally. The CREATURE Movement Mastery programs: Cultivating Real Exercise Adaptions Through Undeniable Research Evaluations, can be applied inside and or outside of the gym as they are designed to equip patients with information on the self. If you want to discover your inner CREATURE and see just what you are innately composed of, then it is time to join the CREATURE community and get started today!

About the CREATURE Movement Mastery Membership

The first step to discovering the CREATURE within is to know thyself through self-mastery. Our CREATURE Movement Mastery courses provide movement competency that provide physiological incentives to stimulate global anatomical development. No asymmetry or perturbing dysfunction is insignificant when nervous pathways, muscle fiber innervation, endocrine regulation, and functionality is the cost. Body and ‘Mind’ coherence is the gateway to a fulfilled life. The CREATURE Movement Mastery Membership provides courses to intervene pain and common chronic patterns, weekly CREATURE training videos (all levels of experience), pain relief and movement database, learning aids on specific joint and muscle groups, assessment tools, supplement conversion tables, tracking sheets, and podcast style episodes on all your need-to-know topics. Some of our featured courses are The Breast Lift, Baseline Movement, Stretch-Reflex-and-Flexibility: Reciprocal Inhibition, Chest for Men, Glutes 101, and Biceps-Triceps-Forearms. CREATURE Mastery members get FULL-ACCESS.

For training inquiries for athletes, celebrities and teams check out our media relations page.
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