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Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Elevate Your Performance and GUARANTEED RESULTS with Expert Guidance from a network of licensed and certified Practitioners and Performance Specialists.

Total Body Transformation

Achieve your goals with with evidence based approaches to movement and nutrition

Elite Coaching for Peak Performance, Wellness, and Sustained Results

Experience Evidence Proven Techniques Tailored to Your Strength Journey

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Benefit 1: a timeline of how long it’s going to take to achieve your goals and what it’s going to take?

Benefit 2: an answer why what you’ve done in the past has not yielded in the results that you are looking for?

Benefit 3: answers to any questions about fitness, health, and nutrition that you have so you can obtain a better understanding of how we can help you achieve your goals

Get a Movement Prescription tailored to your needs from an Online Trainer!

Our network of Practitioners and Performance Specialists will review your needs and program a roadmap to reach your goals relative to your plan!

See REAL Results!

Nothing is worse than gimmicks and over-selling. At iamCREATUREscience, we take pride in being the authority of information in all things biomechanics, metabolism, and dietetics. Our Network is vetted and works synergistically to bring you comparable results to what you would see in a clinic, online!

We know the human body! Our network is made up of Exercise Physiologists, Professional Performance Specialists (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, USMTO, USTA, and NCSA), Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Spine Specialists, and Certified Coaches and Trainers.

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Fitness Training

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Cleanse of Homeostasis and Cell Rejuvenation

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Nutrition / Dietetics

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Featured Stories

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Follow Josh’s “Hero Story” of how he used Movement Mastery to heal from a shattered spine, to functional, to triumphant!

Here is what you will receive:

iamCREATUREscience is a network of Allied Health Practitioners and Applied Science Performance Specialists that offer solutions in orthopedic rehabilitation, chiropractic, corrective exercise, high performance training, and dietetics to special populations and professional athletes; NOW we are coming to you! Our Online Programs have been used by people all over the world. We hope to help you next!


Online Training Core

Abs and Core



Online Training Upper Back

3D Upper Back

chest for men

Chest for Men

chest for women

Chest for Women


Dancesport Athlete



full body

Full-Body "Ultimate Physique"

Online Training Glutes


glutes and legs

Glutes and Legs

Online Training Lower Back and Waist (V-Taper)

Lower Back and Waist (V-Taper)

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